Brakes with Warning Signs
Brake Service

Be safe! Keep up your brakes! Following are some warning signs. If you've got any of these...or other concerns, schedule a free inspection!

  • One of those "fun" blinking, glowing amber lights on your dashboard. This could be a problem with the anti-lock brake system (ABS).
  • You got a red light! This means that your brakes may not be balancing.
  • Slow stopping...and a spongy, soft feel. Don't risk it. Get your brakes checked. Bring in your car for a free brake inspection.
  • You press your brakes and hear a grinding or screechy, squealing sound. Your car isirritating you with that noise because it cares about you...and you may be in danger while stopping. Get a free brake inspection!

Look, we'll tell you how it is, and we will do it right. We take pride in our work and happy customers! It's just how we roll.

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