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Check Engine Light, get free advice!

Got a check engine light? Avoid failing your smog check or other costly repairs. Stop by our shop. We'll take a look and advise free of charge. We're a local business with over thirty of experience. We're located just behind Three Sheets Tap House in Dublin. Call for an appointment.

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Check Engine Light | Advice for smog check & auto repair

Check Engine Light Warning

Do I need a tow truck? Nah, it's not an emergency. You don't need to fire your rescue flares quite yet, but you should get it checked out soon. It can be anything from a loose gas cap to a smaller problem. The big problem is that these smaller things can build into huge problems. That's why it's a good idea to get it checked out. Plus, your car or truck will not pass a smog check when a check engine light is showing!

Don't Fail Your Smog Check

A check engine light is one of the main causes of failed smog checks. When the check engine light is on, it could mean that your car is polluting our precious California air or getting poor fuel economy. California wants to protect the environment and save you money on gas. This is why it's important to have your check engine light checked out before your smog check. We've got the experience to help you with that. But you must have your check engine light pre-tested before your smog check.

Even more peace of mind

We are ASE certified. We love what we do. We've been doing it for years. We can offer you free advise on your check engine light, and we can likely help you fix the problem. We are also active in the community and support the Alameda County Food Bank.

Give us a call, and we'll advise on your check engine light: (925) 828-7277

Check Engine Light Appointments

Give us a call and schedule an appointment to have your check engine light checked out. Oh, we also do wiper blades!

Testimonials & reviews

Great service and very friendly. I showed up without the paperwork from DMV and the guy was very helpful. Took less then 15 minutes for the whole process.

Best place ever to get a Smog test. super fast, Great price! and if you take in 2 can foods he gives you $5.00 off your smog test. And the Guy is really nice. AAAA++++
100% will use again.

I would recommend this smog center to my friends surely. 5 stars!! no doubt.

If you go Saturday - call for an appointment. It's tucked away by the old self-serve car-wash - the "office" is like a patio - with cool stuff. He under-promises and over-delivers. Got it done in 1/2 the time he said. Professional, courteous - will be going back next year with the other car - which means, this is our new place going forward. Fair price and donates to the Food Bank - bring in a canned good and get a discount.

I LOVE this place! I’ve been coming here for 4 years now and wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.

The TV was playing Power Rangers when I came in and Brad changed it to Diners, Drive-ins and Dives after I checked in. How did he know that I loved that show?


Check Engine Light Appointments

Give us a call and schedule an appointment to have your check engine light checked out. Oh, we also do wiper blades!