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Brakes | Brake service & brake repair

Get your brakes service, brake pad replacement, and brake repair done right by your local car repair and smog check station, ALL SMOGS! We're a local auto-shop and smog station that focuses on quality parts, service & integrity -  read our reviews. Also, bring canned food and support our food drive for the Alameda County Food Bank!

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Brake Service | All Smogs in Dublin

Quality Brake Service

During inspection, we check everything to ensure that your brakes are in good working order.

We are not just a brake shop, we do smog checks and repair cars. So we have a holistic view of car maintenance and repair that will bring the most value to your car.

We understand how important your car and others' safety is to you! We cover all the bases to ensure your brake system. With us, you get ASE-certified technicians that know their stuff, especially brake systems!

Our pads and shoes are guaranteed for however long you own your vehicle!

Brakes with warning signs

Be safe! Keep up your brakes! Following are some warning signs. If you've got any of these...or other concerns, schedule a free inspection!

  • One of those "fun" blinking, glowing amber lights on your dashboard. This could be a problem with the anti-lock brake system (ABS).
  • You got a red light! This means that your brakes may not be balancing.
  • Slow stopping...and a spongy, soft feel. Don't risk it. Get your brakes checked. Bring in your car for a free brake inspection.
  • You press your brakes and hear a grinding or screechy, squealing sound. Your car is irritating you with that noise because it cares about you...and you may be in danger while stopping. Get a free brake inspection!

Look, we'll tell you how it is, and we will do it right. We take pride in our work and happy customers! It's just how we roll.

Your Local Brake Repair Shop

We're not just another brake franchise or giant corporate auto repair shop. We're a small team that is passionate about youth athletics and local charity. That's why we sponsor youth teams. It's also why we run an annual canned food drive with the Alameda County Food Bank. We're on a mission.

Swing by and drop off some canned food for charity. Plus check out The Hut (our waiting room). It's decorated with awards, plaques and memorabilia. These were all possible because of brake services, smog checks, car repairs and–importantly–happy customers. Get your brake service done right...and join our mission!

Brake service appointments, call: (925) 828-7277

Give us a call and schedule your smog check, car repair,
break service appointment. Oh, we also do wiper blades!

Smog Check & Auto Repair Food Bank

Brake Service Food Drive

We are an official Drop-off Food site for the Alameda County Food Bank. Help us break our food drive record this year–donate two cans and save five dollars on your smog check. Don’t need a smog? Feel free to swing by and donate your non-perishable food items. You may also help by tweeting, liking, instagraming or yelping about our food drive. Let’s make a difference! Promotion may not be combined with other offers.

Reviews & Testimonials | Brake service & more!

I needed brake work, a smog check, tire rotation and oil change...sounds like it could get 'spensive, right?

Sounds like I could get a call that my undercarriage paint was in bad shape and need a re-coat along with needing new carpeting in my trunk. We've all been scammed by shady ex-con mechanics right?

Not at All Smogs! "Rad" Brad and "Crazy" Lew deliver reasonable rates, quality work and excellent communication and customer service.

I LOVE this place! I’ve been coming here for 4 years now and wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.

The TV was playing Power Rangers when I came in and Brad changed it to Diners, Drive-ins and Dives after I checked in. How did he know that I loved that show?

I would recommend this smog center to my friends surely. 5 stars!! no doubt.


Brake service appointments, call: (925) 828-7277

Give us a call and schedule your smog check, car repair,
break service appointment. Oh, we also do wiper blades!